Shielded Storage Cabinet

154-090 Shielded Storage Cabinet
View Contents Without Opening Doors
The Lead-Lined Storage Cabinet is a must for any laboratory that handles radioactive materials. The lead shielding provides an extra measure of safety over the use of lead pigs alone. The .25″ lead glass sliding doors allow the viewing of materials without the extra exposure of having to open doors. Seeing before opening also decreases the time spent with the door open during material retrieval. Handsomely crafted with adjustable shelves, the white formica surface blends with any decor.

  • Dimensions: 15.5″ w x 10″ h x 7.5″ depth (39 x 25 x 19 cm)
    – I.D.: 14.125″ w x 7.75″ h x 5.75″ depth (36 x 20 x 15 cm)
  • Lead Shielding: .0625″ thick (.15 cm)
  • Lead Glass Window: .25″ thick (.64 cm)
  • Weight: 35 lb (16 kg)

154-090 Cabinet, Storage, .0625″ lead