Reich Consulting Services provides medical laboratory design and business consultation services and support to a nationwide clientele. RCS advises the administrative, clinical, and design-support professionals who build and maintain nuclear medicine, PET-CT, pharmacy, research, Gary L. Reichclinical and testing laboratories on the fit and installation of the necessary layout and analytical equipment for maximum safety and workflow efficiency.

Reich also enhances value for its clients by diagnosing challenges, creating solutions, and enhancing the growth opportunities of healthcare companies. Since 1993, Reich’s follow-up and reinforcement business consulting services have built strong, collaborative relationships with hospitals, imaging centers, laboratories, healthcare management companies, and surgery centers, helping them by:

  • Providing the highest quality products, with on-site installation and support
  • Designing better laboratories according best workflow with creative, cost-effective solutions
  • Improving financial performance and sales success

Let the Reich Team help you find the right equipment and accessories, the best turnkey solutions, and the optimum workflow efficiency—all while helping you meet the highest industry standards for quality and safety.