Class II, Type B2 Laminar Flow Hood (Total Exhaust)

Class II Type B2 Laminar Flow Hood Total Exhaust
Purifier Logic+ Class II, Type B2 Biosafety Cabinets provide personnel, product and environmental protection from hazardous particulates such as agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment. Other appropriate applications include work with antineoplastic drugs, genetic material, asbestos and additional substances that generate hazardous airborne particulates. All models are NSF-Listed.
These biological safety cabinets are designed to be hard ducted to the outside. During operation, room air is drawn into the top of the cabinet and through a supply HEPA filter. This filtered air flows downward through the work area. Room air is also drawn into the inlet grille located at the work access opening. All of the contaminated air passes through the exhaust HEPA filter. A dedicated exhaust system and remote blower discharge 100% of the filtered exhaust air from the laboratory. Since none of the air is recirculated, these biohazard cabinets may be used for work with agents treated with volatile toxic chemicals and radionuclides.
Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)
Constant Airflow Profile™ (CAP) Technology airflow monitoring system that communicates with the ECM to deliver the precise volume of air as required and automatically adjust as filters load without relying on airflow sensors
Air-Wave™ Entry System
Contain-Air™ Negative Pressure Channel
Smart-Start™ System that allows the user to program start up and shut down operations
Built-in interval or elapsed timer for experiment monitoring, fluorescent light or UV light control (on models with UV light)
Digital clock
Removable towel catch located under work surface
Bright, 90-100 footcandle, glare-free fluorescent lighting located outside the contaminated work area
Five year warranty
LCD information center with “Filter Life Remaining” bar graph, status line for alarm conditions and alerts to warn when filter life diminishes to 20% and 0%
Electronic security lock (optional activation) that requires code to operate the cabinet
Two electrical duplex receptacles, (single outlets on 230 volt models), located one on each side, with ground fault interruption (115 volt models)
Intrinsically safe negative pressure design
Fully-closing, clear 1/4″ tempered safety glass sash with 8″ (20cm) working height opening
Stainless steel inlet grille with Reserve-Air™ Secondary Airflow Slots*
Supply and exhaust 99.99% efficient HEPA filters. Contact Labconco for optional 99.999% efficient ULPA filters.
Leak-tight stainless steel interior
Interior-mounted, line-of-sight, full color LCD information center with easy-to-understand MyLogic™ OS
21.7″ (54 cm) maximum sash opening height and 27.0″ (69 cm) viewing height
Curved inlet grille for forearm support
Flush-mounted stainless steel electrical receptacle covers with dampened hinges
Removable, seamless type 304 stainless steel, dished work surface with lift out knobs
10′ Angled sash with counterbalanced, anti-racking mechanism for ease of lifting
ADA-compliant touchpad control on right-hand side post for manual activation of blower, light(s), timer, electrical receptacles, audible alarm mute and menu selection
Noise level < 63 dBA
Heat load 990 BTU/hour (4′ models)
Nominal inflow velocity of 105 feet per minute (fpm) (0.5 m/sec)
Nominal downflow velocity of 55 fpm (0.3 m/sec)
0% air recirculation
Powder-coated steel exterior
NSF International listed
ETL listed
CE conformity marking (230 volt models)
Class 5 conditions per ISO 14644-1 and 2 (formerly Class 100)
Overall depth x height: 31.2″ x 61.7″ (79.2 x 156.7 cm)
10″ diameter exhaust outlet with air-tight damper
10′ (3 m) power cord with plug
Weight: 650.0 lbs
Weight metric: 294.8 kg
Dimensions: 54.3″”w x 31.2″”d x 72.6″”h
Electrical: 230 volts, 50/60 Hz, 6 amps, North America

Base Stand: Required (not included)
Product Subcategory: Class II, Type B2 Total Exhaust Safety Cabinets
Protection Type: Product and Personnel
Conformance: ADA, CAN/CSA C22.2, CE, ETL, NSF 49, UL
Electrical Standard: Domestic
Exhaust Volume: 665 CFM
Lighting: Fluorescent
Nominal Width: 4′
Power Cord & Plug: North America, 230 volts
Sash Opening: 8

Options (available on some models)
4’and 6′ widths
International electrical configurations
Non-welded, NSF-Approved, powder-coated steel telescoping base stand with fixed feet
Accessory Package: 254 nm UV lamp, ADA-compliant service fixture(s) with ball-type valve(s), and NSF-Approved Vacu-Pass™ Cord & Cable Portal
Required Accessory
Supporting base if non-welded stand option is not selected