Reich Consulting Services provides a wide variety of Phantoms for SPECT and Planar Cameras.

Bar Phantoms

243-850 Bar Phantom

Flood Phantoms

043-050 Flood Phantoms

Triple Line Insert

043-730 Triple Line Insert

Cardiac Insert

043-777 Cardiac Insert

Hoffman 3-D Brain Phantom™

043-790 Hoffman 3-D Brain Phantom

Hollow Sphere

043-763 Hollow Sphere

PET Phantom – NEMA 2012/IEC 2008

043-767 PET Phantom -NEMA 2012 IEC 2008

PET Scatter Phantom™ – NEMA

043-768 PET Scatter Phantom - NEMA

PET Sensitivity Phantom™ – NEMA

043-769 PET Sensitivity Phantom - NEMA

PET-CT Phantom

043-771 PET-CT Phantom

Jaszczak SPECT Phantom

043-762 Jaszczak SPECT Phantom

Flangeless PET & SPECT Phantoms

043-765 Flangless Deluxe PET and SPECT Phantoms

Anthropomorphic SPECT Phantom

043-795 Anthropomorphic SPECT Phantom

Lung-Spine SPECT Phantom

043-740 Lung-Spine SPECT Phantom