Ventilated Compounding Enclosure

VCE-800 Ventilated Compounding Enclosure
A high quality solution for pharmacy compounding
The Ventilated Containment Enclosure (VCE-800) is a Class I Biological Safety Cabinet, providing a work area for the safe handling of dust, powders and particulates associated with compounding. The blower provides between 50-70cfm of inward airflow directing particulate toward the HEPA filter at the top of the unit. All exhausted air is HEPA filtered removing particulate at an efficiency of 99.99% for particulate 0.3 microns in size and returned to the room.

  • Overall Dimensions: 36″W x 23″.188″ D x 46.25″ H
  • Outer cabinet is constructed from powder steel framed acrylic.
  • Work surface is all powder coated steel.
  • High capacity motor blower system with speed control to extend HEPA filter life.
  • Front viewing panel is top hinged and self supporting for easy access to the work area for cleaing equipment ingress.
  • Prefilters can be easily changed and bagged for containment from inside the work area.
  • Separate lighted power ON/OFF indicator switches for blower and lighting.
  • Fluorescent lights are externally mounted to minimize heat build-up.
  • Ten foot power cord with molded grounded plug.
  • Designed for independent certification.

VCE-800-3 3′ Ventilated Compounding Enclosure – Powder Coated Steel 36″W x 23.188″D x 46.25″H

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