Positioning Wedges

postioning wedges
Constructed of fine-cell, charcoal grey polyurethane foam, the positioners include a vinyl cover. Designed to position extremities, they can accommodate almost every conceivable position needed, including skulls, hips and spines. Vinyl covers have a smooth surface that is easy to clean without the crevices from stitched seams. Shipping weight for all positioners is 1 lb (.5 kg).
Rectangular Block
120-253 Positioner, Vinyl Covered, Rectangular
8″ w x 12″ l x 3″ h Rectangular Block

45° Spinal Wedge
120-265 Positioner, Vinyl Covered, 45oSpinal
7″ w x 21.25″ l x 7″ h

45 Spinal Wedge Decubitus Block
120-251 Positioner, Vinyl Covered, Decubitus
18″ w x 24″ l x 4″ h

Decubitus Block Bolster Block
Stabilizes patient for myelogram, needle insertion.
120-274 Positioner, Vinyl Covered, Bolster
9″ w x 16″ l x 6.625″ h

Bolster Block 45° Spinal Wedge
120-291 Positioner, Vinyl Covered, 45o Spinal
9″ w x 30″ l x 9″ h

45 Spinal Wedge Triangle
120-280 Positioner, Vinyl Covered, Triangle
10″ w x 10″ l x 10″ h

Triangle 27 Torso Block
For dorsal and lumbar spine
120-250 Positioner, Vinyl Covered, 27° Torso
16″ w x 12″ l x 7″ h