Minor Emergency Spill Kit

121-190 minor emergency spill kit
The Emergency Spill Kit is based on suggested contents described in NRC Regulations Guide 10.8, Revision 2: Medical Use Programs, Appendix J: Medical Spill Procedures. Designed to handle minor radioactive spills and routine contamination problems in the lab, it also includes the emergency procedures and forms to document the spill and decontamination clean up.
Contents of Kit:

6 pr Gloves, Disposable
1 pr Gloves, Anti-C/housekeeping
2 Lab Coats, Disposable
2 Head Covers, Disposable
2 Shoe Covers, Disposable
2 Mess Up Mitts
6 Plastic Trash Bags with Twist Ties
1 roll Tape (“Caution Radioactive Material”)
3 Pre-strung Tags (“Caution Radioactive Material”)
1pkg Contamination Wipe Sample Supplies
1 Clipboard with “Emergency Procedures” instructions and forms

  • Shipping Weight: 6 lb (2.72 kg)

121-190 Emergency Spill Kit, Minor