Pen Point Marker Sources

063-700 Pen Point Marker Sources
The Pen Point Marker Source contains Co-57 in a ceramic matrix at the end of a 9.26″ (23.5 mm) anodized aluminum rod. The pen-shaped rod screws into a brass cap which shields the active point. The Pen Point Marker Source is used in tracing the outlines of anatomical features on a patient. The trace appears almost instantly on the camera display. Contained activity is supplied as a nominal value ±15%.

  • Dimensions: 9.26″ l x .25″ dia (235 x 6.35 mm)
  • Nuclide: Co-57
  • Source: 2 mm bead
  • Nominal Activity:
    063-700 100 µCi
    063-701 200 µCi
  • Source Cover: Brass cap

063-700 Marker Source, Pen Point, 100 µCi

063-701 Marker Source, Pen Point, 200 µCi