RadLite™ Cobalt-57 Flood Sources

043-840 Radlite Cobalt-57 Flood Sources
The RadLite™ Cobalt-57 Flood Source features a new, slimmer design and weighs 60% less than previous models. Cobalt-57 flood sources are used to test the response uniformity of gamma cameras to ensure camera response is consistent over the total head area(s). Cobalt-57 is uniformly dispersed in an epoxy matrix fully sealed in a high integrity ABS encapsulation. Radionuclide purity is greater than 99.9% (combined Co-56/Co-58 is less than 0.08% at source reference date).

RadLite™ flood sources are supplied with a uniformity test statement, wipe test certificate, handling and storage information and a custom decay calendar. The sources are shipped with the patented RadShield, providing comparable shielding to traditional hard cases at half the weight.

  • Lightweight, slim design
  • Dual head quality control acquisition
  • Expiration life up to 24 months

Cobalt-57 Flood Sources are manufactured and 100% tested to have a coefficient variation of less than ±1.0% and integral non-uniformity of less than ±2.5%. SPECT imaging procedures require less than ±1%coefficient of variation.

Flood Sources are shipped with the patented radshield.

Rectangular Flood Sources
Dimensions: 24.1″ l x 16.7″ w x .3″ thick (61.2 x 42.4 x .76 cm)
Active Dimensions: 23.9″ l x 16.5 ” w (61 x 42)

Cardiac Rectangular Flood Source
Dimensions: 15.6″ l x 9.5″ w x .3″ thick (40.1 x 24.1 x .76 cm)
Active Dimensions: 15.5″ l x 9.25 ” w (39.4 x 23.5 cm)

043-840 Flood Source, Rectangular, 10 mCi
043-855 Flood Source, Rectangular, 15 mCi
043-845 Flood Source, Rectangular, 20 mCi
043-860 Flood Source, Cardiac, Rectangular, 10 mCi