Captus Well Detector

Capintec Well Detector 5430-2033
All well shields supplied by Capintec contain a 2″ x 2″ NaI (Tl) crystal, tube base and PM tube for the highest quality in counting statistics. The shield is lined with 0.25″ thick copper or brass to minimize interference from lead x-rays and is finished in an attractive durable textured epoxy paint.

Capintec offers two shield thicknesses: 1″ is standard, and 2″ is  the heavy shield. Both are suitable for use with the CAPTUS 4000e, CAPTUS 700t, or CAPRAC-t.

  • Completely shielded for low background
  • Accommodates large samples
  • 3 3/4 p geometry

5430-0069 Well Detector (2″ Shield)
5420-2033 Well Detector (1″ Shield)